How does Charlestown Soccer select players for travel teams ?

Charlestown Soccer uses a combination of independent and coach evaluations to inform player placement on teams, given that youth travel soccer is a division-based sport.  Independent evaluations are held each Spring and coach evaluations are collected each season.  Placement Committees within the CYSA Board establish team rosters of comparably skilled players so that each team can develop as a group and compete against teams of similar ability in the Middlesex Youth Soccer League. There are no "try outs" or "cuts" for CYSA, and any player that wants to play Charlestown Travel Soccer will be assigned to a team.

While roster changes are typically most significant for the Fall season, roster changes are also made in the Spring season to accommodate variation in registration numbers, the number of teams we field, and to accommodate growth of players over the course of a season.

What are Evaluations ?

Evaluation sessions are held in the spring where CYSA organizes a player field evaluation by at least two independent experienced individuals.  Charlestown Soccer typically contracts out the placements.  Examples of criteria that could be used to evaluate players include:

  • Passing & Control
  • Dribbling Technique
  • Shooting Technique
  • Defending
  • Attitude

The evaluations take roughly an hour.

What if I missed the placement due to illness, injury of any other reason ?

The outcome of the placement session is not the only component used in evaluating players. The more information evaluators have, the better your chances of accurate placement. However, it is understood that unavoidable conflicts can arise, and if you find yourself in that position, you MUST contact Charlestown Soccer at the following email address:

While the player will be eligible for consideration, team placement will be made based upon whatever information is available. A player who fails to show for either evaluation day and who has not notified CYSA will receive the lowest possible score in the placement data.

In which group should I enter my player?

Charlestown competes in the Middlesex Youth Soccer League, which groups players primarily on grade.  

Can players play up a group?

Players are expected to play within their age group. Charlestown Soccer believes that the best soccer experience for players is to play with peers. Playing up from a lower group to a higher group will be considered only in situations where the higher group team will not have enough players. Decisions are made by the coaches and the board.

How do you evaluate the players?

The evaluation process has two main elements:

  • Field Evaluations
  • Coach Evaluations

Each player is evaluated in separate categories that include:

  • Soccer Skills - Offensive
  • Soccer Skills - Defensive
  • Soccer Skills - Initiative
  • Soccer Knowledge- Game Play & Decision Making
  • Soccer Commitment - Attendance
  • Attitude and Coach-ability
  • Fitness
  • Plays Goalie (Y/N)

If a player does not have a coaches' evaluation because he/she did not play within CYSA the previous season/year, every effort will be made to determine an appropriate ranking for these players, including speaking with prior travel coaches if possible.  A player who failed to show for either evaluation day and who has not notified CYSA that they were unavailable will receive the lowest possible score.

Once the evaluation data are compiled, Placement Committees, made up of board members, assign players to teams based on the information available to them.  The full board ultimately reviews and finalizes the rosters.

How do you rank the players?

Once all of the numerical evaluation data have been compiled, the board subcommittees utilize a score computed by TeamGenius for each player. A player's evaluation score results in a ranking within their group.

Commitment to the sport of soccer and the Charlestown program is a consideration for placement on a top-tier team. Previous commitment by players to their team will be used as a factor.

If players do not commit to attend at least one practice a week and the majority of games, they will not be placed on a top team as they would be taking a spot that could be more fully utilized by a player more committed to playing Charlestown soccer.

How do you form the teams ?

Once the rankings are complete the Board will form teams by dividing the number of players into an estimated number of players per team to field an appropriate number of teams. There are minimum and maximum numbers of players per group required by the league to form teams. We will do everything possible to place players on a team. However, if we have too many players we will determine placement on teams according to the following criteria:

  • Registration deadline
  • For Spring registrations, returning players from the prior Fall season
  • Charlestown residents
  • Non-Charlestown residents who have played in the previous year
  • Players from outside Charlestown who have not played with Charlestown in prior seasons

The teams will then be formed with a top team followed by a second, third or fourth team, depending on enrollment numbers by Grade.  Those teams are then submitted to appropriate divisions in the Middlesex League.

Note that our lowest division team for our youngest age group is unable to leverage the Middlesex League's "Town Player Pass" rule that allows for drawing up a few players on a per-game basis from a lower division or age group.  As a result, we make an effort to ensure that team has a sufficiently large roster to minimize the risk of forfeits.

As a community soccer program, our mission is to bring soccer to all of the children in our community. As such we strive to ensure that all players who register by the initial registration deadline are placed on a team. It is not always possible, however due to league restrictions on the maximum number of players on a team.

Why are there no teams for Grades 9-12 in the Fall??

Middlesex soccer does not field teams at the grade 9-12 levels in the Fall due to conflicts with high school soccer. However, there are leagues in the Spring. Charlestown Soccer will field team(s) in those age groups if there is sufficient interest.

Why do I have to register and pay to attend Spring evaluations ? 

We need to ensure that players and families are committed to playing in the Fall. As a community soccer program we need to know how many players we will have in order to form teams. We then have to pay the Middlesex League a registration fee based upon the number of teams in the program.  In the past, some parents have taken a "wait and see" approach  where they decide at the last minute to pull their child from a team. This effects team numbers and can result in the program not having enough players to field a team.

When will teams be announced ?

We will release rosters as soon as decisions have been made.  That is typically by Mid-August for the Fall season, and mid February for the Spring season.

What if I have questions ?

Send an email to