Summary of the Coach’s Code of Conduct for MYSA:

The Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (Mass Youth Soccer) and its Member Organizations have established a Coach’s Code of Conduct to ensure that matches are conducted with respect and consideration for all participants. Coaches are expected to exhibit dignity, patience, and a positive spirit at all times. They must also take responsibility for the conduct of players, parents, and spectators associated with their team. Key points of the code include:

  • - Setting a positive example of sportsmanship before, during, and after matches.
    - Taking immediate action if players behave disrespectfully or aggressively.
    - Educating parents and spectators on acceptable behavior and encouraging positive support.
    - Refraining from addressing or questioning referees during matches.
    - Reporting complaints objectively and formally to the league.
    - Creating a drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free environment.
    - Thanking referees after matches.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in disciplinary action. Additionally, coaches are responsible for promoting a player-centered environment, prioritizing players' enjoyment and development over winning, and fostering a safe and inclusive atmosphere. They should praise players for their efforts regardless of the outcome, avoid criticizing or derogatory remarks, and ensure equal playing opportunities for all team members. Regular equipment and field safety checks are also required.