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IMPORTANT: CYSA is in process of cutting over from this software platform, to TeamSnap.

All rosters, schedules, and communication will be managed in TeamSnap for Spring '23.  You can download the app below.


Check your inbox for an invite for your team this Spring. 

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by posted 03/16/2023
CYSA 2023 Spring Practice Schedule



Spring 2023 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  Softball Needs the field - soccer practice to play in back left and right corners Soccer has full use of SB field BHCC - Soccer LAX/Softball using Backfield BHCC - Soccer Softball Needs the field - soccer practice to play in back left and right corners Softball 9:00-2:00 Super Soccer Stars Soccer Games after 2:00
  5:00-9:00       5:00-9:00  
5:30 - 6:30 Boys 3/4-7 (SB) Girls 3/4-1 (SB) Boys 3/4-7 (BHCC)   Boys 3/4-5 (SB)  
  Boys 3/4-2 (SB) Girls 3/4-2 (SB) Boys 3/4-6 (BHCC) Girls 3/4-2 (BHCC) Boys 3/4-6 (SB) 8:00-8:50 (Barry)
    Girls 3/4-3 (SB) Boys 3/4-5 (BHCC) Girls 3/4-3 (BHCC)   Kindergarten
    Girls 3/4-4 (SB) Boys 3/4-4 (BHCC) Girls 3/4-4 (BHCC) Girls 5/6-1 (Barry) 2nd Grade Boys
  Boys 5/6-1 (Barry)       Boys 5/6-6 (Barry)  
  Boys 5/6-2 (Barry) Girls 5/6-1 (Barry) Boys 5/6-6 (Barry) Boys 5/6-5 (Barry)   9:00-9:50 (Barry)
    Girls 5/6-2 (Barry) Boys 5/6-7 (Barry) Girls 5/6-2 (Barry)   1st Grade
  Steel G2014 (BHCC)   Steel G2014 (BHCC)      
            2nd Grade Girls
6:30 - 7:30 Boys 3/4-3 (SB) Girls 7/8-1 (SB) Boys 3/4-3 (BHCC) Girls 7/8-2 (BHCC) Boys 3/4-1 (SB)  
  Boys 3/4-4 (SB) Girls 7/8-2 (SB) Boys 3/4-2 (BHCC) Girls 7/8-3 (BHCC) Girls 3/4-1 (SB)  
    Girls 7/8-3 (SB) Boys 3/4-1 (BHCC)   Boys 5/6-1 (Barry)  
  Boys 5/6-3 (Barry)     Girls 5/6-3 (Barry) Boys 5/6-7 (Barry)  
  Boys 5/6-4 (Barry) Girls 5/6-3 (Barry) Boys 5/6-4 (Barry) Girls 5/6-4 (Barry)    
    Girls 5/6-4 (Barry) Boys 5/6-5 (Barry)      
7:30-9:00 Boys 9/10 (SB) Girls 9/10 (SB) Boys 7/8-1 (BHCC) Girls 7/8-1 (BHCC) Boys 9/10 (SB)  
      Boys 7/8-2 (BHCC) Girls 9/10 (BHCC)    
  Steel G2010 (Barry) Steel B2011 (Barry)   Steel G2010 (Barry) Steel B2011 (Barry)  
  Steel B2013 (Barry)     Steel B2013 (Barry)    
      7:30 - 8:30   8:00-9:00  
      Boys 5/6-2 (Barry)   Boys 7/8 - 1 (BHCC)  
      Boys 5/6-3 (Barry)   Boys 7/8 - 2 (BHCC)  
Fields include the following: (SB) - Softball; (BHCC) - Bunker Hill Community College; and Barry
Field layouts at:          
All Travel Games start 4/8; Practices to begin the week of 3/27 unless scheduled by individual coaches
**All games/clinics will take place on the Barry Field
** In-house program (K, 1st & 2nd grades) 10 Practices beginning 4/1/23 and ending on 6/17.
This schedule allows for 1 weather related cancelation and NO practice over Memorial Day Weekend.
** 2nd grade games will be determined when we get the softball game schedule


by posted 03/11/2023
Spring '23 Travel Teams Assignments Announced

The Spring '23 season travel team assignments were announced the morning of 2/17/23.  If you expected to receive a team assignment, but didn't, please reach out to info@charlestownsoccer.com.

We will be fielding 29 travel teams this Spring for 450 3rd through 10th graders... unfortunately it looks like we don't have sufficient interest to field a grade 11-12 team for either boys or girls. 

Registration is still open, with some age groups waitlisting based on roster size limits and having had to lock in the number of teams with the Middlesex Youth Soccer League in January.

The Kindergarten through 2nd grade in-house program registration is also open, and those teams will be formed and announced closer to the start of the season.

If you want to register a player for the Spring '23 season, please visit:


Pete Jaffe
CYSA Registrar

by posted 02/17/2023
Registration is open for Spring '23

Registration is open for the Spring 2023 Charlestown Youth Soccer season for players who will be in K-12th grade this Spring.

Waitlist thresholds will be increased if and when we achieve sufficient registration numbers to field additional teams, and as long as we have the field space and coaching staff to support it.  So, if an age group only allows you to join a waitlist, please do so!

It may seem like the Fall season just ended, but we open travel registration now to be able to meet deadlines for the Middlesex Youth Soccer League that our travel teams compete in.  Spring Travel soccer begins the first week of April 2023. In addition, we open In-House registration at the same time to make it easier for families with players spanning both age groups.

*** Important information about new uniforms and possible Charlestown field construction interruptions below!

If you have a player interested in participating in the Spring '23 season, register them at:


NOTE: Field space constraints and roster size limits result in waitlist thresholds, so register early to ensure a spot.

Below is more information about the programs:

  • In-House Program (grades kindergarten - 2 grade for the 2022-2023 school year) - A 1 hour session on Saturday mornings between 8am and 10am.
  • Travel Program (grades 3-12 for the 2022-2023 school year) - Typically 2 weekday evening practices each week, along with a Saturday game, roughly half at home and half in a surrounding town.  Note that late fees are assessed starting 12/18/22, since the CYSA board needs to submit teams and division placement requests to the Middlesex Youth Soccer League in January.

Charlestown Field Construction

Be aware that the returfing of the Charlestown High School fields may affect the start of our Spring season in regards to delaying soccer practices or possibly home games.  We (CYSA) will do our very best to schedule around this interruption as best we can.  

New Uniforms For All Travel Teams in the Spring

We are excited and somewhat sad to annouce that our uniform is changing from our blue and white stripe design. Our uniform provider has discontinued our current design. A new uniform design will be annouced over the next couple of months - so please be on the look out for our new look. There will be a charge added to all Spring registrants to cover the purchase of a new uniform. 

Thank you for your interest in Charlestown Soccer and we will see you in the Spring. 

The CYSA Board

by posted 11/19/2022
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