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Welcome to the Charlestown Youth Soccer Association

Charlestown Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) was formed in March 2007 in order to bring soccer to the youth of Charlestown. CYSA provides over 300 registered boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 14 an opportunity to play organized soccer. Our mission is to introduce to the youth of Charlestown, Mass., the game of soccer through the development of individual skill, fitness, teamwork and fair play.

Goalie clinics this Wednesday, 10/1

Goalie clinics are back this week, Coach Keith Bauer will once again run two clinics this Wednesday, 10/1 for goalkeepers.  The times are:

U10 boys and girls 6.00 PM to 6.40 PM

U12 and U14 boys and girls 6.45 PM to 7:30 PM

Keith  will run the clinics on the u10 field.

For questions:




by posted 09/29/2014
No goalie clinics this week

Unfortunately, Coach Keith Bauer will not be available to run the goalie clinic this week.  We will let you know when he can run the next clinic.


by posted 09/23/2014
recycle uniforms - clarification

Sorry to send a 2nd email but I wanted to clarify my earlier email message about "unused" uniforms.  

I should have said, we are looking for any uniforms you are no longer using.  We understand that they are used/worn.  That's not a problem. If they are torn or stained, you can just discard them.  But if they are in reasonably good shape, we'll take them! :) 

Bring them down to the soccer shed/bin.  Thank you!

by posted 09/08/2014
recycle uniforms

Good morning Charlestown families,


If any of you have unused soccer jerseys (red and/or blue) or blue soccer shorts, could you bring them down to the soccer shed//container?  We will have a box set up to accept donations.  

These uniforms will help support our scholarship program as well as help with last minute jersey shortages that sometime arise on game day.

Depending on the volume received, we will also look into donating excess to a charity organization to help fund soccer programs in areas of need.

Thank you!

by posted 09/08/2014
Practice Schedule Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Practice Schedule


Practices Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:00-6:15 PM         GU12-1
5:45-6:45 PM BU12-1  GU10-2  BU12-2  BU12-1 GU10-1
  BU10-3  BU14-1 GU12-2  GU10-2 BU10-1
  BU12-2    BU10-3    
7:00-8:00 PM BU10-2 BU12-3   BU10-2 BU12-3   
  GU14-1 GU10-1  GU14-1  BU14-1  
  GU12-1 BU14-2 BU10-1  BU14-2  
  GU14-2     GU14-2  
Team Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
BU10-1     7   5:45
BU10-2 7   7    
BU10-3 5.45   5.45    
BU12-1 7     5.45  
BU12-2 5.45   5.45    
BU12-3   7   7  
BU14-1   5.45   7  
BU14-2   7   7  
GU10-1   7     5.45
GU10-2   5.45   5.45  
GU12-1 5.45       5.00
GU12-2 5.45   5.45    
GU14-1 7   7    
GU14-2 6.45     6.45  


by posted 08/07/2014
Game Results
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