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Spring 2020 Update

Hello everyone,

Hope this message finds everyone well.  I wanted to update everyone regarding the latest news about the Spring 2020 Soccer Season.  Last night the Middlesex Youth Soccer Board voted to cancel the Commissioner's Cup and bow out of the MTOC tournament. The reason was simple. If the soccer season is to resume May 9 (the latest timeline), rather than playing a 5-game season, with only a select few playing in the Commissioner's Cup and MTOCs, all of our teams would be able to play at least 7 games. The goal of this league is to make sure all kids have a chance to play soccer, first and foremost.   I will send out more information as I receive it.  The days are getting warmer so if you are able to get outside in your backyard, practice your juggling and/or kick the ball against a wall. If you do go down to the field, wear a mask and practice social distancing.  Pickup games are unfortunately not allowed during this crisis. 

Stay Safe, Happy Passover and have a good Easter Weekend,
Allen Reitz 

by posted 04/08/2020
Sign up for Mass Youth ESports FIFA-20 Youth Soccer Tourney


First ever Mass Youth ESports FIFA-20 tournament kicks off April 6th and open to the first 128 youth players per platform who register (XBox and PlayStation):  https://www.mayouthsoccer.org/events/fifa-20-online-tournament/
Welcome to Mass Youth Soccer's first ever ESports Fifa tournaments. Please make sure to read the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Waiver language in full when registering for a Mass Youth Soccer E-Sports Event. 
Registration: Free
Prizes: Winners of the Grand Finale for XBox and Playstation will each receive a bye to the Quarter Finals of the Mass Youth Soccer ESports State Cup for their respective console and 6 Tickets to a New England Revolution Home Game. 
How will players play?​
  • Competitors will need to add each other as friends on PSN/Xbox Live.
  • You must play your opponent through the Online Friendlies Mode, NOT FIFA Ultimate Team
    •  To do this go to Online > Online Friendlies
    •  First player listed is in charge of starting the match, opponent should verify the settings. 
  • Games will take place at a mutually agreed upon time between Home and Away players based on schedule provided by Mass Youth Soccer. 
  • Players will participate online via their own console
Divisions: XBOX or PS4
  • Registration is open to all players registered and affiliated with a Massachusetts based Soccer Organization in 2020, this includes all Town based leagues, CCL and NEP. 
  • Must use FIFA 20 only
  • Divisions of 32 players
  • Multiple Divisions meeting in the Grand Finale per console
  • Maximum of 4 groups per platform (128 Total Registrants per platform) 
  • Single-elimination format
  • Players may only select an International team to play with. 
  • Must play with the same team throughout the tournament that they selected while registering. 
  • If a player uses the wrong team the game must restart immediately or the else it will be a forfeit. 
  • Game length must be 6 minute halves
  • If end of regulation is a tie, play one 6 minute half to determine winner. If tie again, play another 6 minute half.
  • If disconnection occurs (defined as wifi outage, electrical outage, game crash, etc.) then the player who disconnects will automatically be disqualified​. Who ever doesn't disconnect must provide a screenshot and email or text the phone number above prior to 9:00AM. 
  • If a player other than you plays under your gamertag you will be disqualified. 
  • One week format
  • Player listed on top of division bracket is the home player.
  • Player listed on bottom of division is the away player. 
  • Round of 32 in your Division must be played Monday April 6th between noon and 8pm. Must report score by 9:00AM on Tuesday. 
  • Round of 16 in your Division must be played Tuesday April 7th between noon and 8pm. Must report score by 9:00AM on Wednesday. 
  • Quarterfinals in your Division must be played on Wednesday 8th between noon and 8pm. Must report score by 9:00AM on Thursday.
  • Semi-finals and Finals in your Division must be played on Thursday April 9th. Semi-Finals must be played between 12:00 Noon - 3 PM.  Finals must be played between 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM.   Must report score no later than 10:00 PM on Thursday by the Home Team.
  • GRAND FINALE EVENT ON FRIDAY APRIL 10th will include Division winners in a FINAL 4.  Winners of the FINAL 4 will play in the GRAND FINALE.  X-BOX Final 4 games will be scheduled by Mass Youth Soccer to be played at 1pm or 2pm. Playstation Final 4 Games will be played at 3pm or 4pm. XBOX GRAND FINALE will be played at 7PM. PLAYSTATION GRAND FINALE Will be played at 8pm.  
    • IF YOU ADVANCE TO FRIDAY:  You must create a Twitch account if you don't have one already.  Email esports@mayouthsoccer.org with your Twitch username and gamer tag.

by posted 04/02/2020
Spring 2020 Practice Schedule - Take II

Hello everyone,

I apologize for the switch, but after I published the soccer schedule, I found out there were several conflicts with the Charlestown Lacrosse schedule. In collaboration with LAX, many of our players play for both orgainzations, so I basically switched the days that the girls and boys play.  The girls are now practicing on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the boys will now be practicing on Mondays and Wednesdays. Sorry if this caused an issue. 

SPRING 2020 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    Softball Needs half   Softball Needs half    
    the field   the field    
5:45 - 6:50 Boys 3/4-3 (SB) Girls 3/4-1 (SB) Boys 3/4-1 (SB) Girls 3/4-1 (SB) Boys 7/8-1 (SB) 8:00-9:00 (FB)
  Boys 3/4-4 (SB) Girls 3/4-2 (SB) Boys 3/4-2 (SB) Girls 3/4-2 (SB) Girls 7/8-1 (SB) 1st Grade Boys/Girls
  Boys 3/4-5 (SB) Girls 3/4-3 (SB) Boys 3/4-3 (SB) Girls 3/4-3 (SB) Girls 7/8-2 (SB) 2nd Grade BOYS
  Boys 3/4-6 (SB) Girls 3/4-4 (SB) Boys 3/4-4 (SB) Girls 3/4-4 (SB)    
  Girls 7/8-1 (SB)   Boys 3/4-5 (SB)     9:00-10:00 (FB)
  Girls 7/8-2 (SB)   Boys 3/4-6 (SB)     Kindergarten
            2nd Grade GIRLS
6:50 - 8:00 Boys 3/4-1 (SB) Girls 5/6-1 (SB) Boys 5/6-1 (SB) Girls 5/6-1 (SB) Boys 9/11 (SB)  
  Boys 3/4-2 (SB) Girls 5/6-2 (SB) Boys 5/6-2 (SB) Girls 5/6-2 (SB) Girls 9/11 (SB)  
  Boys 5/6-1 (SB) Girls 5/6-3 (SB) Boys 5/6-3 (SB) Girls 5/6-3 (SB)    
  Boys 5/6-2 (SB) Girls 5/6-4 (SB) Boys 5/6-4 (SB) Girls 5/6-4 (SB)    
  Boys 5/6-3 (SB)   Boys 7/8-1 (SB)      
  Boys 5/6-4 (SB)          
**Practices may start the week of March 30
All Practices will take place on the softball fields. Practices on the Barry Fields or Oilies will be held at the coaches' discretion and if
they are open for practice.
**The schedule has been changed because we have many players that also play on Lax so have collabortated with Charlestown Lacrosse
**All games/clinics will take place on the Charlestown High School Football Field
** In-house program begins on 4/4 and runs through 6/13
2nd Grade boys start at 8:00 so those that are in baseball can participate on time

by posted 03/01/2020
Spring 2020 CYSA Registration is Open

CYSA is starting to plan for the Spring 2020 soccer season.  We need to submit travel teams to the Middlesex League by the beginning of January.  In-House registration is open as well, so families spanning travel and in-house can do registration at the same time.

  • Travel Program (grades 3 through 12 for the 2019-2020 school year) - For additional details see Travel Program Information
  • In-House Program (grades kindergarten through 2 grade for the 2019-2020 school year) - For additional details see In-House Program Information

Click Here to Register

On that page, find the section for the appropriate grade & gender of your child and click the "Register" (or "Join Waitlist") button.  If you received this message via email, you should be able to log in using that email address (using the Forgot Password feature if necessary).  

As registration numbers approach the waitlist threshold, we can often increase program capacity.  However, the combination of both field space constraints and min/max team sizes for the Middlesex travel league can occassionally cause us to have a waitlist that later registrants can unfortunately find themselves on.  Our 9th-12th grade age groups are initially set to waitlist until we reach sufficient numbers to field a team.

Note that travel registrations have a late fee assessed starting Dec 4th.


Email info@charlestownsoccer.com with any questions.

by posted 10/30/2019
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