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Thank you! Donation to Charlestown Charities $5,000

Some Good News in the Time of Covid.

Yesterday, I hand delivered two checks to The Kennedy Center and Harvest on the Vine equaling a little more than $5,000.  The proceeds, which will help Charlestown families who are struggling because of the pandemic, came from our members who chose to donate their Spring Registration fees.  Some statements that were uttered from these two organizations:

"I am blown away by your generosity." 

"This couldn't come at a more critical time for families in need."

"Thank you for this generous gift."

Both organizations wanted me to share their heartfelt graitude towards all of our members, not just those that donated. Because you are following the safety measures of staying home, wearing masks and practicing social distancing, Charlestown's Covid numbers are low as compared to the rest of the city and surrounding communities. So THANK YOU to all CYSA members.  

Tom MacDonald from Harvest on the Vine summed it up perfectly when he stated that youth sports in Charlestown does so much more than just provide opportunities for kids to play organized sports.  He wanted me to share that with you, so you can in-turn share that information with your sons and daughters.    

We will be on the pitch soon!

Allen Reitz

Charlestown Youth Soccer 

by posted 05/23/2020
Spring Season Cancellation - Please review

Hello CYSA Members,


Last night, the Middlesex Youth Soccer League officially cancelled all soccer related activities for the Spring season.  While this is heartbreaking to communicate to our membership, it’s not surprising, and we must do everything we possibly can to halt the transmission of this deadly virus.  In regards to spring 2020 registrations, the CYSA board is offering the following options to our membership:


1) We will move your registration to the fall season, along with any existing payments.  This will be done automatically on or after May 20 (no response needed).  See additional notes below for current 2nd and 8th+ grader players.


2) We will donate your registration fee to local Charlestown organizations that are helping the residents of Charlestown during this crisis. Both, The Kennedy Center and Harvest on the Vine, are raising money to help feed and care for Charlestown families that need help.  After the May 20 deadline, we will split all donated registrations and give back to those two organizations. 


3) We will refund your full registration fee.


IMPORTANT - Because we have over 500 players, please do not reply back to this message.  We will be sending a survey link to collect a response for each individual registered player in Kindergarten through 7th grade.  If we do not receive a form submission from you by May 20, we will automatically transfer all registrations & payments from the Spring to the Fall and you will be signed up to play in the Fall - which is Option 1 (crossing my fingers now).



For those families that had 8th-11th grade players signed up this Spring, we are automatically refunding your Spring registration since Middlesex does not offer 9th-12th grade teams in the Fall.  This will take place on May 20 as well, unless we hear back that you want to make a donation to local charities.


2nd Graders Moving to 3/4 Grade Travel

For those 2nd graders moving up to a 3/4 grade Travel team, we will transfer your registration to the fall from the spring.  However, your account will have a balance owed based on the difference in registration fee for travel vs in-house.  By mid summer, you will also need to purchase a travel uniform, and we will send a reminder about that over the summer.


I want to thank all of you during this challenging time.  My heart goes out to all players and I wish that we could be celebrating Charlestown Soccer from the field rather than quarantining at home. All of you are heroes in my book, so be well, stay the course, and we’ll hopefully see you in the fall of 2020.  Thanks again,


Allen Reitz


CYSA Board

by posted 05/06/2020
Spring 2020 Practice Schedule - Take II

Hello everyone,

I apologize for the switch, but after I published the soccer schedule, I found out there were several conflicts with the Charlestown Lacrosse schedule. In collaboration with LAX, many of our players play for both orgainzations, so I basically switched the days that the girls and boys play.  The girls are now practicing on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the boys will now be practicing on Mondays and Wednesdays. Sorry if this caused an issue. 

SPRING 2020 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    Softball Needs half   Softball Needs half    
    the field   the field    
5:45 - 6:50 Boys 3/4-3 (SB) Girls 3/4-1 (SB) Boys 3/4-1 (SB) Girls 3/4-1 (SB) Boys 7/8-1 (SB) 8:00-9:00 (FB)
  Boys 3/4-4 (SB) Girls 3/4-2 (SB) Boys 3/4-2 (SB) Girls 3/4-2 (SB) Girls 7/8-1 (SB) 1st Grade Boys/Girls
  Boys 3/4-5 (SB) Girls 3/4-3 (SB) Boys 3/4-3 (SB) Girls 3/4-3 (SB) Girls 7/8-2 (SB) 2nd Grade BOYS
  Boys 3/4-6 (SB) Girls 3/4-4 (SB) Boys 3/4-4 (SB) Girls 3/4-4 (SB)    
  Girls 7/8-1 (SB)   Boys 3/4-5 (SB)     9:00-10:00 (FB)
  Girls 7/8-2 (SB)   Boys 3/4-6 (SB)     Kindergarten
            2nd Grade GIRLS
6:50 - 8:00 Boys 3/4-1 (SB) Girls 5/6-1 (SB) Boys 5/6-1 (SB) Girls 5/6-1 (SB) Boys 9/11 (SB)  
  Boys 3/4-2 (SB) Girls 5/6-2 (SB) Boys 5/6-2 (SB) Girls 5/6-2 (SB) Girls 9/11 (SB)  
  Boys 5/6-1 (SB) Girls 5/6-3 (SB) Boys 5/6-3 (SB) Girls 5/6-3 (SB)    
  Boys 5/6-2 (SB) Girls 5/6-4 (SB) Boys 5/6-4 (SB) Girls 5/6-4 (SB)    
  Boys 5/6-3 (SB)   Boys 7/8-1 (SB)      
  Boys 5/6-4 (SB)          
**Practices may start the week of March 30
All Practices will take place on the softball fields. Practices on the Barry Fields or Oilies will be held at the coaches' discretion and if
they are open for practice.
**The schedule has been changed because we have many players that also play on Lax so have collabortated with Charlestown Lacrosse
**All games/clinics will take place on the Charlestown High School Football Field
** In-house program begins on 4/4 and runs through 6/13
2nd Grade boys start at 8:00 so those that are in baseball can participate on time

by posted 03/01/2020
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