Fall 2019 Practice Schedule

TrBelow is the Charlestown Youth Soccer practice schedule for Travel and In-House

  • Travel - practices start the week of August 26th with the first matches on September 7th. 
  • In-house - sessions start September 7th.

Tips on understanding the table below:

  • (SB) is the back (softball) field, and (FB) is the Football field and (Oilies) is Barry Park under the Tobin.
  • Travel team names are based on grades: Boys 3/4-2 is Boys Grade 3 & 4 team 2, Girls 7/8 is Girls Grade 7 & 8.
    As a reminder Mass Youth Soccer shifted to grade-based groupings a few years ago.
  • WE HAVE PERMITS FOR BARRY FIELD (THE OILIES). Based on the schedule below, we have not currenlty scheduled a practice at The Oilies (under the Tobin Bridge), however we have space to use.  It will be up to the coaches discretion if they would like to practice at Barry Field.
Fall 2019 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
        Softball Needs half the field    
5:50 - 6:50 Girls 5/6-1 (SB) Girls 3/4-1 (SB) Girls 3/4-3 (SB Girls 3/4-1 (SB) Boys 5/6-1 (SB) 8:00-8:55 (FB)
  Girls 5/6-2 (SB) Girls 3/4-2 (SB)

Girls  3/4-4 (SB)

Girls 3/4-2 (SB) Boys 5/6-2 (SB) Kindergarten
2nd Grade Boys
  Girls 3/4-3 (SB) Girls 5/6-3 (SB) OPEN Girls 5/6-3 (SB) OPEN  
  Girls 3/4-4 (SB)   OPEN   OPEN 9:00-10:00 (FB)
6:30-7:30   Boys 5/6-4 (SB)   Boys 5/6-4 (Oilies)   1st Grade 
2nd Grade Girls
7:00 - 8:00 Boys 3/4-1 (SB) Boys 5/6-1 (SB) Boys 3/4-1 (SB) Softball owns the softball field Girls 7/8-1 (SB)  
  Boys 3/4-2 (SB) Boys 5/6-2 (SB) Boys 3/4-2 (SB)   Boys 7/8 (SB)  
  Boys 3/4-3 (SB) Boys 5/6-3 (SB) Boys 3/4-3 (SB) Boys 5/6-3(Oilies) Girls 5/6-1 (SB)  
  Boys 3/4-4 (SB)   Boys 3/4-4 (SB)   Girls 5/6-2 (SB)  
  Boys 3/4-5 (SB)   Boys 3/4-5 (SB)      
  Boys 3/4-6 (SB)   Boys 3/4-6 (SB)   6:00-7:30 (Oilies)  
          Girls 7/8-HH   
5:50 - 6:50 Girls 7/8 (FB)          
7:00-8:00 Boys 7/8 (FB)          
6:30 - 7:30 2nd Graders (FB)          

by: Allen Reitz

CYSA Statement for EEE

CYSA is aware of the threat of the Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus and the identification of EEE in towns in the Greater Boston area. While EEE has not been identified in Charlestown, the safety of our players is of the utmost importance. 
We want to remind players and parents to be vigilant about practicing personal protective behaviors, particularly those practice at and after dusk, including the application of insect repellent with DEET and wearing sweatpants and long sleeve shirts to cover the skin. We will continue to monitor the situation as needed. 
Practices will remain as scheduled but we understand respect parents' decision to have players remain home while the EEE threat exists.
Charelstown Youth Soccer Board

by: Allen Reitz

Charlestown Soccer

by: Charlestown Soccer