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Massachusetts Youth Soccer Heading Policy: CYSA will use this policy statement as a guide to implementing and teaching heading in our programs. Heading will not be taught before the under-12 age group for either boys or girls in CYSA. All programs including pre-travel and travel under-10 and u12 teams are prohibited from using their head during  games. Heading technique may be taught to 11 and 12 year olds but for not more than 30 minutes per week and with no more than 15 to 20 headers per player.

CYSA Playing Time Policy:    Charlestown Youth Soccer Association believes that playing time during games is a critical factor in the development of individual players. Games provide playing conditions that can be simulated, but not reproduced, in a training environment. Lack of playing time during games inevitably limits a player’s ability to improve technically and tactically.

At the same time, Charlestown Youth Soccer Association does not believe that players on its competitive teams should receive equal amounts of playing time during games without regard to certain factors, including the following:
• Commitment to be prepared and to attend (and arrive on time for) practices and games
• Effort, attitude, and behavior during practices and games
• Fitness level
• Ability to work/play well with teammates

The full details are outlined in our policy

CYSA Code of Conduct : All players and parents are required to sign the Code of Conduct as a condition of participation in the program