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by posted 10/10/2019

Hey Players and Parents, 

Just wanted to give you a heads up that there is a chance practice may be canceled tonight. I'm going to hold off on making the call until around 5pm. The weather has been unpredictable over the past couple days, so I'd hate to cancel practice only to have the rain hold off.  Stay tuned!

Coach Mahlon

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Team 3 Game @ Westford
by posted 10/04/2019

Hey Players and Parents,

We're looking forward to the game tomorrow in Westford at 10:30! We had a great week of practice starting with the skills clinic on Tuesday and ending with a fun scrimmage on Thursday. We're ready! Get lots of rest!

Per usual, please plan to meet at the field by 10am. Westford looks to be about 40 minutes away so give yourself plenty of time. 

Looks like the Burgeners are on deck for snack duty. 

See you on the pitch!!

Coaches Mahlon, Jess, Ewan and Ben


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by posted 10/04/2019

Hey Players and Parents, 

I received the proposed make-up dates for the game against Wilmington. They offered...

  • Wed - 10/16 @ 5pm
  • Wed - 10/23 @ 5pm 
  • Sun - 10/27 @9am

None of those are ideal (least of all the weekday games) so I made a counter-proposal. Because both teams have a morning game on 11/2 I suggested an afternoon game. If for some reason they are unable to make that work, I suggest we take the Sunday game. I'd like to get all your feedback as well. I've updated the google rescheduling sheet with the new options. Please go on and update your player's availability and preference, otherwise, the decision will be reached without your input. 


Thanks for your support!

Coaches Mahlon, Ewan, Jess & Ben

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Game Cancelation -10/12- And Reschedule
by posted 10/01/2019

Hey Players and Parents, 

I'm not sure if you've received any prior communication, but our game on 10/12 has been canceled due to the other team participating in a tournament, which is the only excuse recognized by the league. 

That said, the rescheduling effort needs to be led by the team hosting team, which, in this case, is Wilmington. I have yet to receive any proactive communication from them. However, I would like to get an idea of player availability on our end for possible make-up dates.

Since it is an away game, I think we should try to avoid making the game up on a weekday. That means that we have to look at possible double-headers Saturdays. On the 10/19 and 11/2 we might be able to fit a second game in during the morning, and on 10/26 we could fit a game in during the afternoon. Those may not line up with Wilmington's schedule and/or field availability, so we'll see.  Other than that, we'd be looking at a Wednesday evening game. 

Please see the link below and fill out your player's availability. Place an 'x' for available and blank for unavailable. This way we can determine what works best for a majority of the team. 


Let me know if you have trouble accessing the sheet. 

Thanks for your support!

Coaches Mahlon, Jess, Ben & Ewan 

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FC USA Skills Training Session
by posted 09/30/2019

Hey Players and Parents, 

You should all have received a few messages about the FS USA skills session on 10/1 at 5:50. Just to let you all know we will be participating in this clinic and it will take the place of our regular practice tomorrow evening. 

As always, please plan to be there a few minutes before the start time to ensure we get the most out of the session. 

Thanks for your support!

Coaches Mahlon, Jess, Ewan & Ben

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